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Pink Champagne

One Eighth Pink Champagne

Pretty, fresh and feminine, bubbly Pink Champagne

Creed Bottle

Millésime Très Banal

A bare-bones Creed GIT / Davidoff Cool-Water like formula

Spa Pool

Affordable Poolside Alchemy

A sunny day on the poolside. Built around the effect of Calone x Veramoss

Amber liquid

New Year's Ambers in Eight Lines

Three Amber accords in eight lines for the present, past and future

Applying sunscreen

Eight Minutes in the Cold Blue Sun

A cooling, solar, sunscreen scent

Eight Line Perfume Formulas

Bite-size, easy-to-replicate perfume experiments, each containing only eight ingredients, aimed to demonstrate combinations, interactions, and ratios, as well as more abstract concepts.

Bear in mind that these are not very refined. Still, hopefully, you will find in them some inspiration. If you are a beginner, the experience of mixing and modifying these formulas can teach you a lot about the used ingredients, their effects, and their interactions.

It all started when I wanted to bring some formulas to discussion on the Basenotes Fragrance DIY forum. I quickly realized that if the formulas are too long, no one will take the time to try them out, and the discussion will become entirely theoretical. Looking for a formula length short enough to reproduce yet long enough to be still meaningful, I came out with the eight-line restriction. It could also probably be nine, but eight is my favorite number.

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