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The following formula can be evaluated on paper and skin at a 5% dilution in ethanol

One Eighth Pink Champagne

Helional 300

Coranol 150

Alpha-isomethyl Ionone 200

Beta Damascone 8.5

Calone 9.5

Lilial 130

Lyral 40

Phenethyl Alcohol 162

Total: 1000

This formula I based on a fancy handmade soap titled "Pink Champagne" we received as a gift. It is fresh, fuzzy pink-champagne-like, and beautiful. It reminded me of some women's perfumes I liked and haven't smelled much of in the last decade. Perhaps mostly Issey Miyake's L'Eau d'Issey. I decided to try and make an eight-liner pinpointing its core, and the following formula is the result.

The name is a wordplay attempt, referring to the Austrian term "ein Achtel", a measuring unit for liquids equal to 1/8 of a liter, or 125ml, which is the standard amount you will get if you order a glass of champagne in Vienna. (Did I already mention that the formula also has exactly eight lines?).

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Pink Champagne

Pretty, fresh and feminine, bubbly Pink Champagne

One Eighth Pink Champagne

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