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Both formulas on this page can be evaluated on paper and skin at 5% dilution in ethanol

Millésime Très Banal

Dihydromyrcenol 100

Cetalox 180

Hedione 300

Habanolide 160

Dynascone 10

Cedramber 150

Cashmeran 50

Javanol 50

Total: 1000

This light spring-type took over men's perfume almost exclusively since its initial introduction by the master perfumer Pierre Bourdon in 1985 in Creed's Green Irish Tween and more commonly in 1988 with Cool Water by Davidoff. It can be found practically everywhere, from the most basic man-hygiene products to the more sophisticated contemporary interpretation in Creed perfumes. With a wink at this "perfume house" that everyone loves to hate, I decided to call it Millésime Très Banal. There is nothing special about this one. Still, with some additions, one could (arguably) make it into a beautiful interpretation in any direction while maintaining the characteristic signature.

Of course, as with any such attempt, choosing "the most crucial" ingredient of a recipe is controversial (for example, there is nothihng "violet leaf" and not a. single ionone in these formulas). It is, of course, affected by my own taste and sensibilities. Therefore, this is sort of speak, the Millési-me. Also, note that I focused more on keeping it approachable to the contemporary nose rather than on precise historical accuracy. I set down to create this formula after discussing this perfume type with a few young people. To my amazement, they did not seem to know what I was talking about when I mentioned GIT or even Cool Water – although they have, without a doubt, smelled it a million times.


Not that I believe any of the ingredients in the first formula are rare or unique. Still, to make it even more accessible, I created a second one, Millésime Ce Que Tu As, which should allow anyone with even the smallest aroma-ingredients collection to give it a try.

Millésime Ce Que Tu As

Dihydromyrcenol 100

Ambroxide 130

Hedione 250

Galaxolide 300

Allyl Amyl Glycolate 16

Beta Damascone 4

Cedramber 150

Santaliff 50

Total: 1000

Discussion on BaseNotes

Creed Bottle

A bare-bones Creed GIT / Davidoff Cool-Water like formula

Millésime Très Banal

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