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The following formula can be evaluated on paper and skin at a 5% dilution in ethanol

Poolside in 8 Lines

Cascalone 235

Veramoss 235

Calone 80

Habanolide 250

Cetalox 120

Ambroxan (Ambrox Super) 40

Viridine (PADMA) 20

cis-3-Hexenol 20

Total: 1000

This one was the first eight-line formula I created. I was trying to find a suitable theme for such a formula and went back to the effect of Calone x Veramoss that I discovered using the Jean Carles Lotto.

This simple two-ingredients accord reminded me of taking a deep breath with my head covered by a thick towel used in the swimming pool and thoroughly dried in the sun. I added a couple more materials to reinforce the poolside connotation and ended up with this formula.

Discussion on BaseNotes

Spa Pool

A sunny day on the poolside. Built around the effect of Calone x Veramoss

Affordable Poolside Alchemy

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