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All formulas on this page can be evaluated on paper and skin at 5% dilution in ethanol

Ambré 1883

Labdanum Resinoid 450

Ethylene Brassylate 125

Vanillin 200

alpha-Terpinyl Acetate 75

Linalool 60

Clearwood 65

Linalyl Acetate 24

Ebanol 1

Total: 1000


Ombré 1988

Bacdanol 295

Galaxolide 240

Cedramber 140

Hedione 95

Ambrox Super (Ambroxan) 85

Ethyl Linalool 85

Ethyl Vanillin 50

Ambrarome 10

Total: 1000


Électrifié 8008

Veratraldehyde 290

Cetalox 245

Sylvamber 130

Habanolide 130

Lindenol 115

Coranol 70

Javanol 15

Norlimbanol 5

Total: 1000

I presented these formulas in January 2022. In the spirit of the new year and the passage of time – they also deal with the different interpretations of the term Amber in perfumery.

As usual, don't expect any historical accuracy. These formulas mainly present concepts and materials for the aspiring beginner perfumer. Also, posting it here some six months later, I feel like I missed the opportunity of going much deeper into the realm of super-ambers in the last formula. Perhaps a fourth one is in order.

About the names... I slowly come to admit and own my Francophila. Nonetheless, my french sucks, so apologies to any french speakers who find them weird and inappropriate. The last one is aimed at the futuristic theme and the fact that the word electricity originates in the word amber.

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