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July 2021

The Spice Melange

Sylvamber (DRT) 140

Galaxolide (IFF) 135

Hedione (Fir) 108

Cinnamyl Alcohol 105

Heliotropin 80

Coumarin 80

Eugenol 80

Romandolide (Fir) 70

Cetalox (Fir) 45

Hexalon 35

Cashmeran (IFF) 30

Cinnamic Aldehyde 25

Anisaldehyde 21

Labdanum Resinoid 13

Maple Lactone (Cyclotene) 7

Methyl Isoeugenol 7

Ethyl Vanillin 5

Cinnamalva (IFF) 3

para-methyl Acetophenone 3

Ambrinol 3

Veramoss (IFF) 2

Acetophenone 1.5

Safranal 1

2,5-Xylenol 1

Total: 1000.5

This formula is, of course, inspired by the science fiction universe created by Frank Herbert in his novel Dune. I studied the books and later adaptations for descriptions of The Spice Melange, its taste, and its odor. I ended up with this spice leather scent centred around cinnamon and ambergris.

It was developed initially for an art project in the summer of 2021. One of the guidelines I set for that project was to create very straightforward scents. For comparison, look at the Sweet Silence of Death, which I created as part of the same project. The result was an uncomplicated formula of 24 lines, but at that, I believe, also pretty well-balanced. I know a couple of ladies wearing it as their signature scent.

The Spice Melange

"He who controls the spice controls the universe"

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