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July 2021

The Sweet Silence of Death

Sylvamber (DRT) 190

Apo Patchone (IFF) 190

Suederal LT (IFF) 160

Lilial 160

Hedione (Fir) 127

Musk Ketone 80

Lyral (IFF) 35

Cetalox (Fir) 25

Isobutyl Quinoline (Sym) 10

Ambrocenide (Sym) 10

Z11 (Fir) 6

indole 3

2,5-Xylenol 2

Ethyl Vanillin 2

Total: 1000

I am very proud that, unlike many other hetero-male, I receive flowers for my birthday. On my last one, a work colleague commented that, sadly enough, many unlucky men must wait until they are dead before someone brings them flowers. This one is for all those poor souls.

Technically, it is cantered around the intriguing effect of a hefty dose of IFF's Apo Patchone. This single molecule, in itself, has a very diffusive floral odor, reminiscent of roses and lilac, but also, especially in a large dose, a chemical, leathery note which brings to mind formaldehyde.

It is a straightforward formula in just 14 lines. I created it originally for an art project in the summer of 2021, along with The Spice Melange and a few others.

The Sweet Silence of Death

"It takes an entire lifetime to learn how to die"

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