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June 2021

Macraolion Water

Lemon Oil 335

Sweet Orange Oil 170

Lime Oil 170

Galaxolide (IFF) 60

Hedione (Fir) 55

Iso E Super (IFF) 50

Cinnamic Aldehyde 40

Dihydromyrcenol 35

Mahagonat (Sym) 25

Eugenol 17

Cinnamalva (IFF) 15

Cinnamyl Alcohol 8

Cashmeran (IFF) 8

Cetalox (Fir) 7

Vanillin 5

Total: 1000

The first time I smelled Florida Water, I thought, "oh, Coca-Cola," and it made sense to me that Americans wanted to smell like the black elixir two hundred years ago. I am not sure which one appeared first, but in any case, both were my inspiration for this formula.

Macraolion Water

A short synthetic toiletry water formula similar to Florida water and Coca-Cola

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