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April 2020


Helional (IFF) 150

Majantol (Sym) 100

alpha-Isomethyl Ionone (Gamma) 100

Phenyl Ethyl Alcohol 90

Florosa (Givaudan) 85

Coranol (Fir) 75

Hedione HC (Fir) 70

Lilial 65

Habanolide (Fir) 50

Muguet Carbinol 50

Bourgeonal (Giv) 50

Mayol (Fir) 45

Lyral (IFF) 20

Madranol (Sym) 15

Rose Acetate 15

Nerol 6

Cyclamen Aldehyde 5

Calone 5

Beta Damascone 2

Alpha Damascone 2

Total: 1000

This one is a simple formula for a flowery-fresh fragrance with a rounded oceanic effect and lush flowers. It might seem a bit harsh on paper, but it was worn successfully by a few young ladies aged 30-60 years.

Be sure to compare it with the One Eighth Pink Champagne eight-liner, which shares the central structural theme.


Light, fresh and flowery women's perfume

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