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May 2021

Moroccan Orange Blossom Water

Linalool 265

Auralva 150

Coranol 140

alpha-Terpinyl Acetate 110

Nerol 80

Ethyl Linalool 65

Linalyl acetate 65

Phenyl Ethyl Alcohol 50

Benzyl Acetate 6

alpha-Terpinyl Methyl Ether 15

Indole 15

Benzyl Propionate 10

Nerolidol 10

Oranger Crystals 10

Neryl acetate 5

Benzaldehyde 3

cis-3-Hexenyl Acetate 1

Total: 1000

I spent my childhood between the orange trees, and orange blossom is an essential fragrance for me. Besides the living flowers on the tree, the Moroccan orange blossom water is one of my favorite variants of this scent. This is my attempt at a reconstructed version of it.

Orange Blossom Water

A short synthetic base formula based on Moroccan orange blossom water

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