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August 2021


Palisandin (Sym) 100

Cetalox (Fir) 100

Cedramber 75

Linalyl Acetate 60

Clearwood (Fir) 60

Sylvamber (DRT) 60

Piconia (IFF) 60

Habanolide (Fir) 55

Vertenex (IFF) 50

Cedroxyde (Fir) 50

Dihydromyrcenol 45

Vetiver Oil Haiti 35

Zdravetz Oil 35

Hedione HC (Fir) 30

Mahagonat (Sym) 25

Symroxane (Sym) 20

alpha-Irone 20

Sweet Orange Oil 20

Oakmoss Absolute (CAS 90028-68-5) 15

Black Pepper Oil 15

Rose Acetate 15

Ambrettolide (IFF) 12

Tonquitone 10

Muscone 10

Veramoss (IFF) 5

Strawberry Glycidate (aldehyde C-16 so-called) 4

Cascalone 4

Labdanum Resinoid 3

Norlimbanol 2

Safraleine (Giv) 1

Isobutyl Quinoline (Sym) 1

Z11 (Fir) 1

Safranal 1

Ethyl Vanillin 1

Total: 1000

This formula is a woody, ambery, mossy men's fragrance rounded by a sweet orange heart on top of this forest floor. It smells like something my grandfather would wear, twisted by contemporary ingredients.

It radiates straightforward, matter-of-fact sophistication. It's not a member of royalty, but a hard-working white-collar gentleman, reasonably groomed — almost a gray suit, but still a tasteful one.

Stammgast is a German word translated as a habitue, a regular, or a patron of a business. Naming it, I aimed at this man's casualness, familiarity, and reliability. The word Stamm also means the trunk of a tree, bringing to my mind the woody core of this fragrance.


Woody, round and elegant fragrance for true gentlemen

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